Directed by David Geiss

8:00 minutes

© 2010

The forest and river awaken to a new day.

The hum of the highway is constant.

This is a boom town. An oil town.

Basin is a disturbingly picturesque, short visual poem depicting the industrial oilsands developments in northern Alberta as an omnipresent force that may be obscured from view, but cannot be ignored. In the distance, a lone drummer speaks for the filmmaker, the planet, and the human collective.

As more and more people begin to ask questions about the environmental, political, social, and economic implications of this large-scale mining operation, the facts and figures can quickly become saturated and ineffective. While the statistics are staggering, they can also be miscalculated, misrepresented, and misinterpreted. Basin strips away this hype and confusion by offering a glance at the mining operation, and the natural world that used to exist in its place.

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distributor - canadian filmmakers distribution centre

director - david geiss

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© 2010 david geiss

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